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Miss Earth Australia is a national beauty pageant that promotes awareness of environmental issues and the steps that can be taken by everyone to reduce our environmental footprint. Our pageant is part of Miss Earth International, which has organisations in 120 countries and is now one of the world’s top three international beauty pageants. Contestants come from all States and Territories. The winner, Miss Earth Australia 2020, will be sent to the international pageant to compete against candidates from around the world. This year Miss Earth Australia is asking everyone to plant trees because they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, symbolically, they are objects of beauty. Our sponsors, however, are asked to plant trees to inspire those around them (such as family, friends, suppliers, clients and employees) to initiate their own tree planting scheme. A national tree planting scheme can make a huge difference to the atmosphere and to attitudes. Small steps lead to bigger steps and, on a national scale, they add up to a significant cumulative achievement. Australians are very concerned about the well being of the environment. They want to do something that is significant and achievable. This is an opportunity for your business to support our cause and to be recognized by the community as socially and environmentally responsible. Miss Earth Australia 2020 will be the 16th Australian candidate has been sent to the international pageant.

The Miss Earth Australia Team

Maria James

Creative Director and Consultant

Maria is the Founder of Miss Earth Australia – a powerhouse national pageant that is to reckon with in the Miss Earth International Pageant. For over 20 years, she has been involved in pageantry and modelling, locally and globally. She honed and trained hundred of models and beauty queens who are now all succesful in their own ways.

A staunch believer of Beauty with a Cause – she deeply advocate in raising multiple environmental awareness where she encourages everyone to play their part in cleaning up our Mother Earth rather than leaving this responsibility for someone else.

On the sideline, she owns and runs a cafe business in Sydney CBD where she offers healthy options to her clientelles.


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Julieta Custodio De Leon

President and Owner of Stargazer Productions Pty Ltd

Julieta Custodio De Leon is the President and Owner of Stargazer Productions Pty Ltd, the current license holder for Miss Earth, Mrs Earth, Little and Teen Earth and Mr Earth Pageants in Australia. She has been involved in pageant, modeling and beauty industry for over 20 years. She is a celebrated hair and make up artist in various beauty pageants and has been a recipient of multiple awards and recognition from global organization. Staunch environmental advocate, proponent of activities such as tree planting and clean up drive events in Australia via Miss Earth Australia pageants.

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Marc Baylon

Managing Director

Marc Baylon is the Managing Director of Miss Earth Australia and is a Master Degree holder in Business Administration with a focus in Management Accounting from Central Queensland University.

He specialises in strategic and resource planning and currently works with the NSW State Government – serving as part of the leadership team for the motor accident insurance regulator.

Marc is also a TFC Central Dealer for New South Wales and Australia Capital Territory – the international arm of ABS-CBN, the biggest mass media provider in the Philippines.

With his network, it gave him a platform to focus on multiple community collaboration and has led him to a number of business opportunities and community leadership roles – through this, he developed a strong sense of devotion for charities and the non-profit sector where his deep appreciation for how non-profits works, one project at a time.

In the sideline, he is also an active and a devoted member of a Catholic lay Marian movement based in Mulgoa – the Schoenstatt Community.

Marie Tan-Siune Tien

Client Services Director

Marie Tan-Siune Tien also known as “Marie Arguelles” is a Jeweller by profession. She is the current First Vice-President of Goldenas Inc., Asia-Pacific. She is also the Senior Partner of Jewel Lines & Accessories.
Before joining the family business, Marie was a former Retail and Merchant Banker. Trained both in Australia and overseas, she has more than 25 years experience in the financial services industry across Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States.
Graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from University of San Agustin, Philippines,1975 and Bachelor of Laws in 1982. She was also Awarded a Masters Degree in Business Psychology from De La Salle University Philippines in 1987.
Marie also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business Management from University of Gloucestershire, UK in 2003 and a Masters Degree, Business Administration in Australian Institute of Management in 2009.
Advocacy for Planet Earth Save our Mother Earth for the young generation before it’s too late.
We must actively participate in educating our fellowmen specially the young generation the need to recycle and to maintain a clean environment to live a healthy life devoid of anything harmful.

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